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Du Prins is an innovative wholesale production nursery that aims to bring its costumers  excellent quality, exclusive products combined with the best customer service within the horticulture industry.
We produce all our own stock at our extensive production facilities in Gauteng and deliver to clients in Gauteng and surrounding areas. All our products are sold under our signature brand name of  :          " Blooms & Beauties".

The" Blooms & beauties" brand consist of our" Bloomin" ranges of plants namely:

"Bloomin value" : This is a no trills budget range of plants. This range of plants appeals to the landscape industry and the budget conscious client.  The plants are of excellent quality but with less added value such as labels etc, thus lower price and bigger  profit margin potential for our clients. The Blooming value range includes all our flower, groundcover, shrub and tree lines. This range is supplied in plastic bags with sizes from 2kg to 40kg


"Bloomin beauties"
: This signature range includes mainly flower/colour plants and is sold with added value like labels, silent salesmen and is delivered with our quality delivery system to insure that the highest quality reaches our client. This range is designed to satisfy the needs of our high-end  retail nursery customer

"Bloomin hedges & topiaries": This exclusive range includes our preformed instant hedge range. The hedges differ in size and species to satisfy the needs of all our clients. Also includes in this range are standards and pre-formed topiaries.

"Bloomin walls": This exclusive and innovative product range includes our instant screens. These instant screens are grown on our pre-fabricated screening frames and when planted forms an instant floating screen from 2 metres up. This product is ideal for town house developments

"Bloomin plugs". Our plug range are produced in 80- 128 cavity trays. This range consist
mainly of groundcovers and is ideal for the landscape market or for grow-on use

" Bloomin steel creations" This range include our exclusive obelisk and garden ornaments
 As we are a wholesale production nursery we only cater to the professional horticulture industry. We do not sell to the general public. In order to view our pricelist and availability list please register as a member and log in, to access the information.

By  successful registering  as a member :

*You will have access to our standard pricelist

*We will keep you updated on our Bloomin specials only available to members

*You will have access to our monthly availability list
*We will give your company free delivery on its first purchase after registering as a member ( T &C apply).
*Please note that your information  will be regarded as confidential and is only used for communication between your company and Du Prins Wholesale Nursery.


  Exclusivity crafted by Horticultural artists

                                        " Kyrie eleison"




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